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ARTED purpose is to provide a creative space for growth and innovation, where educators, artists and the community can equally advance with tools and resources to offer a high standard education through the fine arts and technology. Providing workshops, instructional material, creative and technological support in person and virtually.

We are located in the south west region of Puerto Rico, city of San German.


Our short term goals are:

a. Create a space for workshops, conferences and hosting dialogues for educators, artists and the community.

b. Create a Youtube channel with reference to the workshops, short documentaries, tutorials and virtual conferences to

support the in person activities.

c. Create a digital studio for the use of educators, artists and the community to create their own tutorials and conferences.

d. Offer technological support to teacher with difficulties adjusting to the modern technological advances, creating in person

workshops, for groups or individually.

e. Offering support in creative and virtual projects to schools, educators, community and companies.

f. Offer conferences and workshops through schools, companies, communities and any group with particular needs.

Including creative, technological and team building activities.

Maria T Perez

Maria T Perez

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