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Democratizing access to capital to all Puerto Ricans

big wins

total $5.1M

Food & beverage

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Through, Kiva loans, we have deployed $2M to the entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry.

B Restaurant Solutions provides training for food business owners and gastronomic entrepreneurs. Through the online store you will find digital documents to facilitate the operational processes.

B Restaurant Solutions

Cool Hope is an ice cream shop dedicated to making high quality butters with a great variety of flavors. From the typical Caribbean flavors like passion fruit and coconut to the traditional ones like chocolate and vanilla, you will surely find your new favorite ice cream here. Curious about our honey-lavender special? Try it, you will be surprised!

Cool Hope

“The Chip for your Dip” - Tortilla Chips Doña Lola are made with organic corn, free of preservatives, and seasoned with Puerto Rican sea salt.


At Molcajete Foods we make corn tortillas and tortilla chips under the brand name Tortillas Doña Lola.

Molcajete Foods

Artsy Pops, ice pops with creative and different flavors. Find our products in the urban area of Carolina, where we offer an extensive menu in addition to popsicles; coffee, lunches, pastries and much more. You can also order from our online  store for pick-up or delivery and purchase our
merchandise. Soon we will be shipping to the USA. We have some carts and a “vintage Volky” to bring ice pops to your events in a fun and different way.

Artsy Pops

Escape Pastry Shop specializes in desserts for the whole family with lots
of love. We use the best ingredients to make these
flavors uniquely for you.

Escape Pastry Shop

The Sangria's essence contains authentic Caribbean flavors thanks to the mixture of local exotic fruits, such as parcha, guava and fruits of the forest. We also have wine of extraordinary quality. Néctar del Alba
is a premium sangria that brings you closer to the splendor of nature and refreshes your soul.

Sangría Néctar del Alba

Bruja Coffee is small company run by women. We buy coffee from small farms in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica. We roast coffee in
small quantities and only work with organic coffee.

Bruja Coffee Co.

Comida Restaurativa is dedicated to the production of plant-based foods. Our main focus is the quality of the ingredients, most of our ingredients come from local and organic farms. We want to ensure that our food is healthy, free of chemicals that are toxic to our health and the health of the soil where they are grown. In addition, we consider the freshness and nutritional density that the crops from our organic farms ensure to us so that our bodies receive the best source of energy and restoration. We believe that our food helps to prevent and/or heal diseases which contributes to a better quality of life.

Comida Restaurativa

Block Farms are urban farms of high-production for hydroponic cultivation in shipping containers. You can grow fresh produce, mainly vegetables, fruits, and aromatic herbs, anywhere, regardless of the time of year or the weather conditions.

At Block Farms  we know that the solution to the growing demand in the food industry comes hand in hand with hydroponic crops in specialized containers, capable of being implemented almost anywhere, this includes the ability to bring agriculture to large cities, and also to areas that are naturally not intended for this purpose as arid zones, thanks to the controlled air conditioning capacity of the containers that we implement.

Block Farms

khokhitos makes traditional holiday beverages in a variety of flovor and sizes. 

Enjoy our wide variety of flavors and sizes of this
traditional beverage made in Puerto Rico.

Khokhitos Artesanales Puerto Rrico

Mixx and Somm is a subscription box to be received monthly with three bottles of wine or with the necessary ingredients to achieve a cocktail and the ability to replicate it up to 15 times.

Mixx & Somm


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Our developing industries are leveraging the use of technology to innovate and make their services and products accessible to their local and international customers. In times like these, it is imperative to support such innovation, which is why we have deployed over $100,000 through our 0% interest loans


Our mission is to make education accessible to professionals around the world by providing strategic leadership tools to increase productivity and
professional and/or personal growth.

LeadUp Labs

Musicasa is a platform that helps emerging and independent musicians to obtain greater visibility through intimate virtual experiences. Our main experience is intimate concerts where the audience and artist can enjoy an hour of music, dialogue where celebration, culture, and community reign.


You no longer have to leave your home for lab tests,
LabbGo comes to you. When you submit your lab order, we schedule an appointment to take the samples at your home or work. We will then email the results to you.

bussiness cards.webp

Funsciencestic! Promoting education in a fun way todevelop scientific and research skills from an early age. Kit of materials to investigate and apply STEAM concepts.


Transformate con Yoga is an online yoga and coaching studio designed to inspire you to live purposefully and help awaken your personal power with tools that improve your quality of life.

Our online membership program includes live yoga classes, a portal with recorded classes divided by topic and time, meditations, podcasts, wellness tutorials and a supportive community to help you achieve your health goals.

Transformate con Yoga

creative Industries

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Puerto Rican talent is not lacking in global recognition, and the cultural and creative industries on the island are in full development. This is how we see it in Causa Local, which is why we have deployed over $500,000 to creative and cultural enterprises through our non-traditional capital platform

unnamed (1).jpg

Tropical Papaya is a platform for sexual education and empowerment. We aspire to break the paradigms around female sexuality, and the fears imposed on women by a society in which it is frowned upon to enjoy bodily and sexuality freely.

Papaya Tropical

Stickers + T-shirts + Pins designed 100% in Puerto Rico. Our products are made for people who are conscious of Mental Health and Self Love.

Let our products inspire and remind you how incredible and capable you are!

Candid Society

El Mundo de los Muñecos / Puppetworld Inc. is a three-generation family business dedicated to the use of puppet theater as an educational resource.
Our mission is to educate children and young people to recognize their intellectual and creative capacity; and to serve as agents of good and peace.

El Mundo de los Muñecos

Isleñas is a footwear brand established and manufactured with ethical practices in Puerto Rico. Launching with espadrilles in 2018, we have simple goals: look good, feel good, do good.

We focus on offering comfortable and sophisticated footwear of high quality, design and manufacture; without forgetting the celebration and expression through the use of color that characterizes our culture.


Andrea Cruz is a conceptual artist. From each project, new ways of spreading her music through merchandise surrounding her songs and poetry are born. Andrea Cruz has her albums, shirts, bags, stickers and
every now and then a limited edition of the project she is working on.

No Toquemos Tierra

Share the Chair, L3C is provides communication and storytelling services, supporting non-profit organizations, small businesses, and independent artists.
We are dedicated to making the talent that exists in our communities visible through the art of storytelling. We offer services in Content Marketing, Media Relations, Commercial Voiceover and Music

Share the Chair, L3C

The only Puerto Rican publishing house focusing exclusively in producing world class literature for children and young adults.
We create beautiful books in both content and art. We are looking for Puerto Rican authors and illustrators with talent to stand out.

Editorial Destellos

Beauty, dignity, and afro power!

Magazine in print, digital and multimedia platforms to make the Afro-Latino community visible.


Radio Yaucana TV is an innovative project, where we unite the concepts of television and radio, changing the traditional antenna for internet transmission and thus creating the magic of the streaming channel.
You can connect with us and enjoy a variety of educational, positive and instructive programming from anywhere in the world.

Radio Yaucana TV


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The tourism industry has been severely impacted by natural disasters and the global pandemic. Causa Local supports entrepreneurs who seek to provide unforgettable experiences for both foreign and local tourists. That is why we have deployed over $1M in loans to this sector.


D'Occasion is a chic second hand boutique, including donations that
go directly to the community as well as upcycling and textile recycling.
Our concept: buy, sell, help, recycle, allows us to classify and distribute the textiles that arrive at our stores so that everything can be reused, either by selling it, donating it to non-profit organizations, fixing it (upcycling) or taking it to textile recycling. Our goal: that no textile ends up in the landfill.

D’Occasion Boutique

Shop reusable and ecofriendly products, free of
plastic packaging. Simpla’s reusable and eco-friendly products are free of plastic packaging. Benefit from reusable and plastic-package-free alternatives, reducing the environmental impact caused by single-use plastics.


Clothing and accessory brand inspired by Puerto Rican culture and roots. 
Our culture, roots and traditions are what inspire us.
Our purpose is that every Puerto Rican, inside and outside the island, express their Boricua pride with some of our creations. In this way, we put our grain of sand in making Puerto Rico better and different. 

Cultura Creativa Roots and Prints

Isla Bonita PR is a local brand focused on spreading the message of prosperity, pride and optimism to Puerto Ricans living in the island as well as overseas. We offer a wide variety of shirts, hats, cards and even home goods - all designed and made in Puerto Rico. We reinvented ourselves during the pandemic and launched a collection of masks to show that us Boricuas resist, persist, and insist during hard times so we can thrive. Each season, we launch different items for a limited lime only, so come check out our online shop.

Isla Bonita PR

Candyeyed Collective is a Puerto Rican lifestyle brand aspiring to be part of extreme sports in the Eastern region of the island. We create sustainable products as well as unique accessories designed with love and much intention. We want to offer a space in which community can come together and everyone who visits can join. WELCOME TO THE CANDYEYED TRIBE!

Candyeyed Collective

Concalma is a local brand founded in 2006 that promotes quality, locally manufactured design products, that propel fair trade, Puerto Rican manufacture, and conscious consumption. Concalma brand’s main products are cloth bags. The brand carries 21 different styles including tote bags, cargo bags, beach bags, hip pouches, among others. These bags are designed by Marxuach and manufactured by an industrial Women’s cooperative in Utuado, Puerto Rico


Titan Games is a unique board games, toys and collectibles store. We offer a wide variety of collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh!, Pokemon, Final Fantasy TCG, Dragon Ball Super TCG, Future Card Buddyfight! and Cardfight! among others. We have items related to the collectible card games such as micas, deckboxes, playmats, folders and dice. We hold weekly tournaments of the games, and are a Wizards of the Coast sanctioned store. In addition, we offer a variety of board games and collectible items. We have space for the whole family to play, eat, watch game streams, anime, and series.

Titan Games

TEECHEALO is a family business, 100% local, with designs inspired by Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The designs and the decoration process is done by us, here in Puerto Rico. If you are looking for unique items to give away, we can help! We offer a wide variety of products: from t-shirts, hoodies, caps, to promotional items. No minimum required; from one piece to thousands.


Color acrylics 100% made by hand, with high pigmentation and a spectacular consistency. We offer a wide range of handcrafted, highly pigmented colors, with 78 colors representing the peoples of Puerto Rico.

Empire Nail System

Aguja Local’s objective is to facilitate the interaction between local designers and consumers. With that in mind, we set out to create an online platform that would showcase these talents, while giving buyers a new option. In Puerto Rico there is a lot of talent in the fashion industry; is time that the names of these designers are part of our daily conversations.

Aguja Local

Manzana Studios began ten years ago as a small haven of personalized self-care in the bustling center of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Its approach to beauty has always been holistic: we truly believe that looking good is a side effect of feeling good.

n order to feel good as a company, we strive to constantly upgrade our salon and make it as sustainable as possible while always prioritizing the wellbeing of our team and our clients.

We also take the word pampering very seriously: from the moment you step through our doors, our goal is to make you feel celebrated. In fact, even if you’re not stepping through our doors, we feel it’s our responsibility to spread ‘feel good’ vibes as far as we can: We have gifts. We have wine. We deliver.

Manzana Studio

Löfte is our promise to help you take care of your skin in a natural and vegan way as well as to raise awareness of the need to use safe products on your skin. It is a line of 100% natural, chemical-free products that provide the best results, mainly to people with sensitive skin, who react negatively to chemicals.

Löfte Natural Care

LUCA was born from the desire to share the story behind the jewelry, created by Laura, alongside thoughtfully curated bespoke pieces. Launched in 2013, LUCA offers a range of timeless, refined designed, and thoughtfully curated goods inspired by the designer’s travels and aesthetic references that fit into the timelessness ethos she embraces.



Anchor 5

The tourism industry has been severely impacted by bother 2017 hurricanes and the global pandemic. Causa Local supports entrepreneurs who seek to provide unforgettable experiences for both foreign and local tourists. That is why we have deployed over $1M in loans to this sector.


Surrounded by majestic trees, birds and starry nights, at Pitahaya Glamping you can have the experience of camping in comfort, peace and quiet. You will have a private bathroom with hot water, electric refrigerator, real mattresses, fans, lighting, kitchen, utensils, dishes and gas bbq. We also have a swimming pool and a campfire area on over half an acre of land.

Pitahaya Glamping

In Crash Boat Experiences you can live a magical experience in the sea. Come and enjoy a fun “Beach Hopping Tour” through the most spectacular beaches, while you learn about the history, culture and legends of our picturesque town of Aguadilla. All provided by a friendly technical team with extensive experience in navigation and sustainable tourism. We include food/snacks, water, juice, beers (if you like), desserts, snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment, food for pelicans and much more.

Crash Boat Experience
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