Ana María Cintrón 

Founder / Director

Born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Ana María Cintrón, daughter of dedicated parents who taught her the value of hard work and have always been are her inspiration.

Cintrón studied accounting at the University of Puerto Rico and graduated with a bachelor's in Business Administration. Her career began as an auditor for Deloitte Puerto Rico and then Miami. She then decided to leave the Big 4 corporate world to explore the local firms in the Island, when she stumbled upon Kiva. On February 2nd 2016 she welcomed the startup world; running (with a team of hustlers) a co-working space during the day, and growing an access to capital platform during her free time, Kiva PR. Ana María then started to spread the word about Kiva’s opportunities for small business owners, on local events and gatherings. During 2018, Kiva PR had helped over 80 funded borrowers in the island and success stories were starting to bloom, material impact was being created in the island, importing global money into the economy, connecting hustlers with more than access to capital, and then Causa Local was born.

Anna Karina Lawson studied Linguistics and French in the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Department of the University of Puerto Rico. Raised in Santurce by creative, freelancing parents, Anna has always valued hard work, self sufficiency, resourcefulness, and the ability to juggle multiple projects at once. She has worked as a freelance translator since 2011 and became engaged in the entrepreneurial and startup world in 2014, where she met Ana María Cintrón. In 2017, she started working with Kiva as a volunteer. Since then, she has been involved in several programs that aim to bolster entrepreneurial and economic activity in different regions of Puerto Rico as well as independent creative and cultural endeavors. 

Anna Karina Lawson

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