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Republic is the private investing platform for investors seeking high growth potential. Republic seeks funding from a wider base of diverse investors while simultaneously growing a loyal base and leveraging Republic’s private investment network.

Success Story

Causa Local x Republic

more information about Republic x Cauca Local?

Scale Up

Scale-Up Acedemy

ScaleUp Academy is by invitation. The program helps you find or connect with a mentor, increase sales, work on resilience, sustainability, and access additional capital. We help you with individualized support and connect with new markets outside of Puerto Rico.


Verizon Small Business

Digital Ready


Causa Local Academy Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

This business education platform is open to everyone and totally free. You will be able to find content in Spanish and English on various topics of business interest, by leaders from different industries. The courses are punctual, brief and can be taken at the convenience of any schedule. This program periodically offers additional incentives, such as scholarships of up to $10,000 for people who are active on the platform.


Engage in the enriching experience of mentorship by establishing a connection with Causa Local.

Kindly write to us at to initiate a journey characterized by growth and insightful guidance.


Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Local Disaster Relief Efforts is a program aimed to assist small business owners to become more resilient and sustainable during the next natural disaster or global emergency. We educate and hand-hold our local small business owners through tough times by making data-driven decisions and deploying our individual disaster relief formula that includes cash grants, a sustainable vagón, or a new website. Our strategies are philanthropic investments so that the small business owner can survive and thrive during an emergency. 

Meet our latest partner
 Seriously Creative 

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designing disruption together in Puerto Rico.

We work with brave organizations and bold leaders combining creativity, human-centered design, and agile ways of working to solve problems, accelerate growth, amplify collaboration, and deliver the future.

Request a proposal by sending an email to

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