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Celebrating Five Years of Empowering Puerto Rican Businesses: A Milestone Unveiled

In the spirit of reflection and celebration, we're thrilled to share the incredible journey of Causa Local as we mark our five-year milestone. Founded with the mission to democratize access to non-traditional capital in Puerto Rico, our commitment to fostering growth and empowering local businesses has been unwavering.

A Journey of Impact:

Over the past half-decade, Causa Local has been at the forefront of educational and access-to-capital programs, leaving a lasting imprint on our local business landscape. Here's a glimpse of our key achievements:

  1. 5,000 Local Businesses Impacted: Through our dynamic educational programs and events, we've reached and positively influenced an impressive 5,000 local businesses.

  2. 500+ Business Owners Access Capital: Strategic partnerships with Kiva, Wefunder, local banks, coops, and other financial institutions have provided vital access to capital for over 500 business owners.

  3. $8M Economic Impact: Cumulatively, our efforts have contributed to an extraordinary $8 million boost to the local economy.

Celebrating Together:

On November 1, 2023, a diverse group of professionals, donors, collaborators, business owners, partners, and the Causa Local Team and Board of Directors gathered at the historic Banker’s Club in PH Banco Popular. The highlight of our celebration was an enlightening Learning Curve Panel.

Our Five Year Anniversary garnered meaningful coverage from our valued partners. Dive into the links below to explore more about the event and the key contributors:

  1. In Puerto Rico Magazine

  2. Banco Popular de Puerto Rico on LinkedIn

  3. El Nuevo Día

  4. Modo de Vida Magazine - December 2023, Page 86-89

Looking Ahead:

As we take a moment to appreciate the successes of the past five years, we're excited about the future. Causa Local remains dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and contributing to a thriving business landscape in Puerto Rico. Join us on this journey of innovation, collaboration, and continued impact.

Stay tuned for the next chapter – here's to the next five years of making a difference


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